About Us

American Loggers Fire Suppression: We are a Maine based company specializing in protecting the loss of heavy equipment due to engine fires. American Loggers Fire Suppression was started by Tim Varney, owner of the Varney Insurance Agency and the American Loggers Insurance Program. By insuring a lot of the equipment that has fire suppression installed, means they also stand to lose money if the equipment is lost. Knowing that a fire suppression company also has an interest in protecting your equipment along with over 35 years of combined industry experience in servicing and protecting heavy equipment, our continuous working relationships with major equipment manufacturers and dealers, ensures that you are receiving the best system, the best service and the best protection.

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Protecting Your Employees & Your Investment: At American Loggers Fire Suppression, we understand that there are several different types of fire suppression systems out there and without all the information it can be confusing when trying to decide on which one to purchase. They all have their appropriate applications, but we specialize in protecting engine fires, especially on heavy equipment. When it comes to the lives of operators and your investments, there is no room for second best. That is why we only install the Fogmaker system on vehicles and heavy equipment.

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For American Loggers Fire Suppression, it’s not just about making a sale; it’s about protecting the operators, your investment and the American Loggers Insurance Program.