What is Fogmaker?

Fogmaker is the chosen partner and preferred automated fire suppression system manufacturer of American Loggers Fire Suppression. Fogmaker manufactures and distributes automated fire suppression systems with high-pressure water mist for engine compartments and is the market leader in Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

Why should I use Fogmaker / ALFS?

Unlike other fire suppression systems, which rely on dry chemicals, Fogmaker utilizes cutting edge water mist technology to cool and smother a fire, while also preventing a reflash.

  • Cools the fire – through the formation of water vapor from high-pressure water mist, which absorbs energy, cool temperatures of more than 1,300 degrees in 10 seconds.
  • Smothers – through the formation of water vapor, or “fog” – it displaces oxygen and “chokes” the fire.
  • Prevents reflash – through the foam additive, which settles as a protective film over combustible material, the possibility of reignition is eliminated.

What is FMNA?

Fogmaker North America is the North American venture of the leading fire suppression system in Europe.

Why should I choose water mist versus dry chemical suppression systems?

Unlike dry chemical-based fire suppression systems, water mist is environmentally friendly and not harmful to humans. Water mist also envelopes the total area of the fire zone in your machine, attacking all three components of the fire triangle.

Is the ALFS system automatic?

Fogmaker is fully automated and works independently without draining electrical power. In other words, Fogmaker is ready to extinguish a fire even after you’ve gone home for the day.

How fast does Fogmaker respond to a fire?

Immediately, once a loss of pressure is detected. The water mist will then discharge continuously for 45-115 seconds depending on the volume of liquid and number of nozzles installed.

How expensive is Fogmaker / ALFS to install?

Prices vary depending on the size and type of machine it is protecting. However, we proudly offer installation rates at competitive prices-comparable to other leading fire suppression systems.

Can I install Fogmaker on all of my machines / equipment?

ALFS / Fogmaker can be installed on nearly all pieces of heavy equipment, or “anything with an engine” as our agents like to say. We customize the installation of the pre-engineered Fogmaker system based on the design and size of your machine.

How often does my Fire Suppression System need to be inspected?

In order to remain truly effective, inspections are required every 6 months.

How long does it take to install a Fire Suppression System?

Generally, installations take 6-8 hours to complete.

Is there a discount to install Fogmaker on multiple machines?

Yes. We customize pricing based on volume.

How do I become a Fogmaker / ALFS installer?

Contact our American Loggers Fire Suppression team at (844) 521-2959 to become an approved, trained and certified ALFS installer.