American Loggers Fire Suppression offers the most comprehensive sales and service package to our customers including; sales & installation, financing, training, routine scheduled inspections, service calls and system recharges. With multiple service technicians in New England and along the East Coast we are able to provide you with best service at the least expensive cost.

Sales & Installations

If you are buying a new piece of forestry equipment from Nortrax (John Deere), Milton Cat (Caterpillar) or Tigercat, there is a good chance that your equipment will come with a Fogmaker Fire Suppression System already installed. This is because these companies have recognized the technology behind the Fogmaker systems and have chosen this system to best protect you, your operator, your investment and their reputation. The installation of these systems have been designed and approved by a Fogmaker engineer to absolutely assure to provide the very best protection. If you are looking to purchase a new Fogmaker system, American Loggers Fire Suppression will work with you on financing if needed, and schedule to reduce any downtime of your equipment.


American Loggers Fire Suppression has recognized that the lack of training and awareness on fire suppression systems has led to the confusion and improper applications of fire suppression systems. After taking delivery of a new machine with a Fogmaker system installed or purchasing a Fogmaker system, American Loggers Fire Suppression will come to you explain the system, how it works, what to do in the event of a fire and how to disarm/arm the system for maintenance on the machine. This is done at no cost to the customer.

Routine Scheduled Inspections

Routine inspections on all fire suppression systems are a necessity in order to be sure that you and your equipment are properly protected and in most cases they are required by insurance companies in order to maintain your fire insurance. Although we will only sell and install the Fogmaker system on vehicles and heavy equipment, we do realize that there are older machines with other systems installed and we are able to inspect, service and recharge most all major suppression systems. American Loggers Fire Suppression will take the burden of keeping track of these inspections and contacting you to schedule these appointments. By doing this, we are able to reduce the cost of these inspections by grouping them together with other inspections in your area allowing multiple customers to split the travel costs rather than each customer paying the same mileage.

Service Calls & System Recharges

Service calls and system recharges are a top priority for us at American Loggers Fire Suppression. Knowing that your fire suppression system is not working properly or has discharged for one reason or another could mean that you are not properly protected. Any fire between the time of a system issue or discharge could be catastrophic to you, your employee and your business. Service calls and system recharges will be handled with the highest priority.